Letter to Boston Globe: “The Collapse of Reason” Evident in Critique of Intelligent Design

Dear editor, In “The Collapse of Reason,” Cathy Young agrees with leading liberal intellectual Todd Gitlin who believes “the academic left is making itself irrelevant by embracing ideological extremism and trying to purge its ranks of those who are not politically correct.” It’s a shame, then, that Young herself characterizes those who see evidence for […]

Jeff Schwartz, Jeff Schwartz, Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Increasingly Byzantine Conspiracy to Establish a Theocracy

I think it was George Patton who said, “If everybody’s thinking the same thing, then nobody’s thinking.” And I believe that’s the problem with this Darwinian thinking that puts all the eggs in one basket. Oh, those ignorant people who criticize Darwinism … this guy’s probably a Christian fundamentalist, right? Determined to ignore science and […]

Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Catholic Church

Darwinists ask us to trust them in their role as historical scientists. All the while many of them appear incapable of accurately interpreting even very recent historical events. I’m thinking of their understanding of recent Vatican statements about Darwinism and design. We’re frequently reassured by Darwinists and their trusting messengers in the mainstream media that […]