Did Edwards vs. Aguillard Spawn Intelligent Design? No

Harrisburg, PA — The plaintiffs in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial are arguing that intelligent design sprang up in the wake of the 1987 Supreme Court decision against creation science, and the National Center for Science Education’s Nick Matzke is repeating the talking point to reporters: “Intelligent design is just a new label for creationism,” Mr. Matzke noted. “It is just the latest legal strategy for creationism. It evolved in 1987 right after the Supreme Court ruled against creationism and said that that was unconstitutional.” The assertion is demonstrably false. The idea of intelligent design reaches back to Socrates and Plato, and the term “intelligent design” as an alternative to blind evolution was used as early as 1897. More recently, Read More ›

Miller on Witness Stand: ID Isn’t Falsifiable, So It Isn’t Science; Plus, We’ve Already Falsified It

HARRISBURG, PA — The first day of testimony in the ACLU’s lawsuit against the Dover, Pennsylvania school district ended today with the defense beginning their cross-examination of leading Darwinist Kenneth Miller. How long has it been since a leading evolutionist subjected himself to cross-examination on the witness stand? In the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial in the 1920s, the Darwinist, Clarence Darrow, used a procedural trick to cross examine his opponent while himself avoiding cross-examination. The vast majority of Darwinists routinely duck full and fair exchanges. Kenneth Miller should be applauded for bucking this duck-the-debate tactic.

This “Dover” Trial Promises to be Interesting

CSC senior fellow Jonathan Witt will be dispatched to Pennsylvania to cover the Dover intelligent design trial that starts on Monday in federal court in Harrisburg. He will attend the opening three days of the trial, but will continue to post reports throughout the trial until its conclusion, sometime in October.

MSNBC Previews Coming ID Trial

I suspect we will see a slew of articles about the looming Dover ID trial, slated to start on Monday in federal court in Harrisburg, PA. MSNBC’s Alex Johnson has one of the best ID related news stories, Dover trial or otherwise. His definitions of the key terms, and his examination of the various issues involved are thorough and accurate. One of the better news reports related to ID.

Columbus Post Dispatch Editors Should Get Some Glasses

Here is another editorial (registration and payment required) from the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio that shows that editors there — even after several years of trying — cannot seem to get it through their heads that no one is trying to require the teaching of intelligent design in their fair state, that creationism and intelligent design are not the same thing, and that serious critics of Darwin argue on scientific, not religious, grounds. We suspect that they know better, but cannot stand to admit it. The editorial states that “the future of the nation depends on scientifically literate students” and asks, “Just what is there to fear about Darwinian theory”? The question isn’t what there is to fear about Darwinian Read More ›