Responses to the San Diego Union Tribune’s anti-ID editorial

The recent actions by the Kansas State Board of Education have given a site like Evolution News and Views, which is dedicated to help correct misinformation in the media about the debate over Darwin, an endless supply of material. This time, however, the IDEA Center has also posted some good responses to the San Diego Union Tribune’s (SDUT) recent anti-ID editorial chastely titled “Voodoo Science.” The SDUT piece makes a number of mistakes about the recent events in Kansas.

Don’t Bash it ‘Til You’ve Tried It: A response to Krauthammer and Kriegel

In the last week, two anti-ID editorials have been posted on various major media sites. This includes an article by Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post entitled, Phony Theory, False Conflict and an article at Tech Central Station by Uriah Kriegel entitled, Is Intelligent Design a Bad Scientific Theory or a Non-Scientific Theory?. Both articles critique intelligent design, but Krauthammer’s misrepresents the theory quite badly. Kriegel makes some interesting arguments about ID and falsification–if only he would understand that ID theory is structured to disallow explanation by natural selection because natural selection is a fundamentally non-intelligent cause, and then apply his Popperian demarcation criteria to evolution as well. Citing to Unfriendly AuthoritiesKrauthammer’s line of attack is to imply that ID Read More ›

Krauthammer’s ID Strawman

Charles Krauthammer’s syndicated essay against intelligent design ran opposite mine in today’s Seattle Times. The piece is full of problems, which Tom Gilson and Lawrence Seldon explore in loving detail here and here. Now I would have framed a couple of points in their otherwise fine analysis a little differently. In one place,

Students Let the ID Genie out of the Lamp

Faced with a realization that support for “diversity” at
Cornell does not extend to academic viewpoints, some 80
students have organized an IDEA chapter on campus and are
educating themselves.

“Good Humored” Cardinal Inspired by Pope in Debate Over Evolution and Intelligent Design

The Catholic church is struggling to make the mainstream media understand and report its position on science, Darwinism, and materialism. This is no more apparent than the recent speech by the Pope and now a followup by Cardinal Schoenborn senior editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Read “Good Humored Cardinal Inspired by Pope in Debate Over Evolution and Intelligent Design” at