Will New York Times Writer Put Words In Mouth of Catholic Church?

*When It Comes To Evolution Reporting The New York Times Prints All The News That Fits Their Agenda*
It’s funny that the Times is reporting on an op-ed as if if was the official position of the Vatican. That would be like a reader assuming that Cardinal Schönborn’s piece distancing Darwinism from the Church was the view of the New York Times because they published it.
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Discovery Institute Praises School District for Withdrawing Class Misrepresenting Intelligent Design

*Discovery Institute Praises School District for Withdrawing Class Misrepresenting Intelligent Design*
“If Americans United really believes that it’s OK to teach about intelligent design in philosophy or social studies courses,” said Luskin, “we challenge them to join with us to come up with an objective course that can be taught in the El Tejon district. Otherwise, it will become clear that their real goal is the suppression of any discussion of intelligent design in any classroom anywhere in the country.”
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Then Americans United Okay With Intelligent Design in Philosophy, Now Americans United Seeking To Stamp It Out Across The Board

A California high school has settled out of court with Americans United for Separation of Church and State who had complained and sued over the school’s teaching of an elective philosophy class called “Philosophy of Design.” The settlement orders the district to cancel the class by Friday next week and says: “No school over which the School District has authority, including the High School, shall offer, presently or in the future, the course entitled “Philosophy of Design or “Philosophy of Intelligent Design” or any other course that promotes or endorses creationism, creation science, or intelligent design.” Clearly, American’s United for Separation of Students from Science is singing a different tune now than they did last year during the Dover trial.

Intelligent Design Roundup: Toward a Darwinist Theocracy

Many of the most vocal defenders of Darwinism aren’t behaving like dispassionate scientists, secure in the truth of their theory and, therefore, unruffled when others put forward an opposing scientific theory of life’s origin. They’re behaving as if ID theorists have touched a nerve. Three recent essays treat the subject incisively.