Pressure on Baylor University Building to Right the Wrong Done to Dr. Beckwith

The Dallas Morning News this past weekend ran an op-ed by first Thing’s Joseph Bottum adapted from his original piece about Baylor University’s decision to deny tenure to conservative scholar Francis Beckwith. CSC associate director John West blogged about Beckwith and Bottum’s articles previously, but it’s worth noting that the pressure is being turned up on the University to review this decision and right the wrong.

Crisis Magazine Reviews American Museum of Natural History

The April, 2006 edition of Crisis Magazine features a critical review of the Darwin exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. George S. Johnson’s article, “An Evening with Darwin in New York,” is a thoughtful analysis of the museum content mixed with general criticism of the Darwinian orthodoxy. The article walks through the museum in broad brush strokes while taking note of the stories about Darwinian evolution not told by the exhibit. The review starts with the exhibits treatment of fossils, and features extended notes from Niles Eldredge, and many paleontologists who find the fossil record somewhat lacking as evidence for Darwin. Not surprisingly, the criticisms of these paleontologists, all mainstream secular scientists, were left out of the display.

Did the ACLU Squeeze the Intelligent Design Decision out of Dover?

The taxpayers in Dover Pennsylvania may have been fleeced by the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS) for a shocking $1 million dollar bill. Joe Manzari and Seth Cooper’s article today in The American Enterprise Institute Online brings this dirty little secret into the public light. A few months ago when the ACLU announced that they “generously” would only demand $1 million in attorneys fees for the Kitzmiller case, the casual observer probably thought nothing of it. However, once the facts are examined, as Manzari and Cooper nicely lay out, the attorneys fees collected by the ACLU are not merely the cost of losing a lawsuit, but rather look much more like a fat taxpayer Read More ›