Another Excellent Response to the Dover Decision

139 pages of judicial overreach, ignoring important facts, scientific error, and logical fallacy (but other than that, it’s great!–why all the fuss?) have given the blogosphere much material to discuss. Richard Cleary has an extensive review of the Kitzmiller decision at Viewpoint. Cleary clearly highlights a fallacy in the argument ID is creationism repackaged: “The first claim, that ID must be religious, even though it doesn’t appear to be, because it evolved from (forgive me) creationism, is silly. Because one theory emerges from the embers of another doesn’t entail that it necessarily bears all or even many of the traits of the other. Modern theories of the atom are all descendents of Democritus’ belief that such entities exist, but the Read More ›

Response to Matzke and Padian’s Revisionist History and Gloat Parade

Nick Matzke and Kevin Padian have posted a celebratory rant at the NCSE website against ID and the Discovery Institute. But their rant is so extreme that it gives me reason to leap for joy. If there were any doubts that some people get over emotionally involved with this issue, Padian and Matzke’s gloat-parade makes it clear. With the lights shining brightly this rainy afternoon in Seattle, I offer the following comments: Thanks for Your Support! I’ll start with a short e-mail I received recently from a professor at a large state university, and also a movie quote. Recently a profesor responded to question about why he recently chose to join the Discovery Institute: “Actually, if you must know, after Read More ›

Introducing new Evolution News & Views blogger Michael Francisco

I’m pleased to announce a new member of the Evolution News and Views blogger team! Michael Francisco is a second year law student at Cornell Law School. Raised in the science town of Los Alamos, New Mexico, he has been interested in the intelligent design movement since the 1990s. Michael is happily married to his wife, Christina, who is also from Los Alamos. Before attending Cornell Law School, Michael earned a B.A. in History & Philosophy from Hillsdale College, where he was manager of the debate team, a freelance journalist, and the founder of an IDEA club chapter. Michael currently serves at president of the Cornell Federalist Society chapter. He’ll be a semi-regular contributor to ENV over the coming months. Read More ›

Dogmatic Darwinists Strike Again: Americans United for the Separation of Students and Science

*Dogmatic Darwinists Strike Again: Americans United for the Separation of Students and Science*
We thought the Darwinists were willing to see non-evolutionary ideas considered in non-science courses. Turns out they were lying. Rev. Barry Lynn, who leads Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, apparently doesn’t want ID even in a philosophy course, because it’s too dangerous for young minds to learn about regardless of the venue.
Read the rest at Evolution News & Views,

Dover in Review: An Analysis of Judge Jones’ Flawed Ruling in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District

During the Christmas break, I posted a four-part series analyzing various issues surrounding the Dover intelligent design ruling. In case you missed it, I am reposting the first three parts of the series here in one place. The analysis addresses the following questions: Is Judge Jones an activist judge? Did Judge Jones read the evidence submitted to him in the Dover trial? Did Judge Jones accurately describe the content and early versions of the ID textbook Of Pandas and People? The fourth part of the series can still be accessed here.