Homochirality: The Truth Is Out Where?

When it comes to origin of life scenarios, the only way to explain the emergence of life from purely naturalistic premises is that life, and all of its necessary components, arose by chance, or by natural laws or by some combination of both.

A Fishy Story About AntiFreeze Gene Evolution

A new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims to explain the origin of an antifreeze protein in an Antarctic fish. Though touted by Darwinian activists (note: I’m talking about Richard B. Hoppe, NOT the authors of the paper), this paper presents little more than a just-so story that shows no interest in testing the plausibility of the complex mutational account it gives. The Darwinian blogosphere is excited about a new study which purports to explain the evolutionary origins of an antifreeze gene in an Antarctic fish, the Antarctic eelpout. Actually, this isn’t an entirely new story — claims of explaining the genetic evolution of antifreeze proteins have been made for years. Last year I reported another Read More ›

Richard Dawkins, Worthless Bully

Richard Dawkins has now commented on the Martin Gaskell discrimination case where a distinguished astronomer was turned down for a job at the University of Kentucky (UK) because he expressed views sympathetic to intelligent design. Dawkins jauntily endorses such academic discrimination.