Stephen Hawking’s Materialist Logic: “We Don’t Understand How Life Formed,” but It “Must Have Spontaneously Generated Itself”

In a documentary from the Discovery Channel on the search for extraterrestrial life, Stephen Hawking provides an extraordinarily candid example of the fallacious materialist logic for why extraterrestrial life “must” be possible. Around 1:15 of the clip below, Hawking states: The life we have on earth must have spontaneously generated itself. It must therefore be possible for life to be generated spontaneously elsewhere in the universe. The gaping hole in Hawking’s logic should be immediately apparent to anyone willing to think critically and skeptically: If we haven’t yet explained how life could have spontaneously generated on earth, how do we know that it can be generated spontaneously elsewhere in the universe? What makes Hawking’s position even worse is that in Read More ›

Homochirality: The Truth Is Out Where?

When it comes to origin of life scenarios, the only way to explain the emergence of life from purely naturalistic premises is that life, and all of its necessary components, arose by chance, or by natural laws or by some combination of both.

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Paper Cites Guillermo Gonzalez’s Galactic Habitable Zone as Evidence Earth is a Privileged Planet

In the previous post, I discussed a peer-reviewed scientific paper co-authored by engineer Dominic Halsmer titled “The Coherence of an Engineered World” in the journal International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics. The paper reviews the work of a number of leading ID proponents and concludes that from the macroscale of the universe, to the structure of our galaxy, to the microscopic features of life, nature shows evidence of design. Halsmer and his co-authors also look at various examples of cosmic fine-tuning, concluding that “[t]hese optimalities suggest the influence of a calculating intentionality or some kind of transcendent cosmic engineer.” One example given is the expansion rate of the universe: This expansion rate is very specific in that it Read More ›