Robert L. Crowther, II

PBS “Think Tank” Airs Part 2 of Intelligent Design Debate

This week on Think Tank: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, Part TwoLast week, Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg aired the first of two episodes looking at what intelligent design theory is and how it differs from the standard Darwinian explanation for the complexity and diversity of life and the universe. Host Ben Wattenberg was joined by Dr. Stephen Meyer, director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and co-editor of “Darwinism, Design and Public Education,” and Dr. Michael Ruse, Director of the Program in the Philosophy of the History of Science at Florida State University and author of numerous books including “Darwinism and Design.” If you missed the program, you canread the transcript. And, be sure not to miss Read More ›

Casey Luskin

The Darwinist “War” Upon Evolution-Skepticism

Are leading Darwinists succeeding in promoting a religion-friendly image? Prominent evolutionists have used warfare imagery to call upon people to “fight” against intelligent design and other forms of evolution-skepticism, including various religions. In a recent article about a talk on The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins told a crowd in Kansas, “I know you here are in the front-line trench against powerful forces of darkness… Fight the good fight” against the “the ‘rotten logic’ of intelligent design and creationism,” which he claims argue the religious viewpoint that “God did it.” (As noted yesterday, the article is factually challenged, as it repeatedly incorrectly calls Dawkins a “physicist,” when he is actually a zoologist and evolutionary biologist.) In a similar fashion, Gerald Weissmann, Read More ›

Anika Smith

Lawrence Journal-World Mistakes Dawkins for a Physicist

Can I get a fact-check on this paper? It looks like the Lawrence Journal-World has decided to forgo any quality control in their newsroom. This latest piece mistakenly identifies zoologist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as a physicist, a blunder that made its way into the very headline. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that Albert Einstein was the greatest chemist of the last century. While laughable, this latest gaffe illustrates a serious problem. Lawrence Journal-World has been a mouthpiece for the Darwinists, exposing their bias as they editorialize in their news articles on evolution and intelligent design. While many Kansans trust the Journal-World to keep them informed, this shoddy journalism proves what we’ve known for some time: Read More ›

Robert L. Crowther, II

The Mark of Meaning: An Interview with Intelligent Design Theorist Jonathan Witt

Travis McSherley, an editor at Breakpoint online, has an insightful author interview with CSC senior fellow Jonathan Witt, co-author of A Meaningful World. Last week, Breakpoint highlighted the importance of A Meaningful World with back to back commentaries on the book (here and here).

John G. West

American Museum of Natural History Darwin Exhibit Goes on the Road

The American Museum of Natural History’s propagandistic “Darwin” exhibit has gone on the road. It is now on display in Philadelphia, and in 2008 it will be shown in Japan. As I reported last year, this biased exhibit rewrites the history of Social Darwinism, as well as covering up the museum’s own key role in the eugenics crusade.