Robert L. Crowther, II

CSC Hosts News Conference on Kansas Evolution and Education Hearings

Topeka, KS — Discovery President Bruce Chapman, and CSC senior fellow, Jonathan Wells, answered questions from the media at a Topeka news conference today. Not so surprisingly, after meeting with the media, there are two accurate and balanced news reports about the coming debate over evolution in Kansas (AP story here and Wichita Eagle story here). As the stories about the issue begin to swarm

Jonathan Witt

A Textbook Case of Junk Science

According to a recent Prentice Hall biology textbook, a few centuries ago ‘very light-skinned’ people, shipwrecked on a tropical island, became “dark-skinned” after “many years under the tropical sun.” But as Pamela R. Winnick at the Weekly Standard explains, this is nonsense, one of many examples of junk science in our high school science textbooks: There’s lots that’s puzzling about the science textbooks used in American classrooms. A sloppy way with facts, a preference for the politically correct over the scientifically sound, and sheer faddism characterize their content. It’s as if their authors had decided above all not to expose students to the intellectual rigor that is the lifeblood of science. She might just as easily have been describing the Read More ›

Robert L. Crowther, II

Kansas Prepares for Hearings on Evolution and Education

TOPEKA, KS — The Kansas State Board of Education is revising the state’s science standards. This week a board sub-committee will hear testimony from two dozen scientists and scholars about how evolution should be presented in the classroom. The Topeka Capital Journal last weekend published a very helpful Q&A on the hearings.

John G. West

Smoking Gun: Kansas Darwinists Outline Plan to Manipulate the Media

Earlier this week, the website disclosed an incredible internet post from an official with Kansas Citizens for Science, the group trying to prevent the inclusion of scientific criticisms of Darwin’s theory in the Kansas Science Standards. On February 10, Liz Craig (identified in this article as “a spokeswoman for Kansas Citizens for Science”) outlined her group’s outrageous disinformation plan for the newsmedia covering the Kansas science standards debate. Rather than talk about science, Ms. Craig described how she plans to use the newsmedia to smear and demonize anyone who opposes her group’s agenda: My strategy at this point is the same as it was in 1999: notify the national and local media about what’s going on and portray them Read More ›

John G. West

(Gasp!) Students questioning Darwin in science class?! Say it isn’t so!

Today’s Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article claiming that students are starting to question Darwin in science classes. Imagine that! Students are so interested in the subject they are actually asking teachers questions about it. The article features information about the Coldwater Media video Icons of Evolution, and it even lists the suggested questions to ask biology teachers drafted by biologist Jonathan Wells. Note the stock response of Darwinists in the story who apparently think having students ask questions in class is disruptive (!) and who claim that asking questions about Darwin is tantamount to injecting religion into the classroom. But, as the article clearly shows, the questions being raised about Darwin focus on science, not religion. Are Darwinists Read More ›