John G. West

Baltimore Sun confuses ID and creationism

On 12/19/04, The Baltimore Sun published a ridiculously misinformed article that attempted to conflate intelligent design (ID) with biblical creationism. In “Evolution or Design,” reporters Larry Carson and Larry Williams used the Institute for Creation Research rather than Discovery Institute as a spokesman for intelligent design theory. They also implied that ID teaches that “God created the Earth and its creatures less than 10,000 years ago.” In reality, the Institute for Creation Research is a supporter of biblical creationism, and it has criticized design theory because it is not biblically-based. It is not a spokesman for intelligent design. Moreover, most of the scientists and scholars who support and write about intelligent design theory accept the standard scientific dating of the earth. Read More ›

Robert L. Crowther, II

San Francisco Chronicle publishes dueling op-eds on teaching the controversy

Stanford neurology prof Robert Sapolsky squared off against CSC Director Stephen Meyer and CSC senior fellow John Campbell on the pages of the San Franscisco Chronicle, Friday, Dec. 10. Sapolsky dodged the real scientific controversies and instead spewed stereotypes and politically motivated ad hominem attacks, such as calling intelligent design supporters “Jed Clampetts.” Contrast that with the serious issues raised by Meyer and Campbell, who delve into real issues such as micro vs. macro evolution. Click here to read both and judge for yourself.