Two Years after Dover Intelligent Design Trial Darwinists, Like Judge Jones, Still Want to Have It Both Ways

The opponents of Intelligent Design have recently been trying to slither out of a logical dilemma they have created for themselves. Their problem is that they make two mutually exclusive claims: First that ID is not science, and, second, that ID makes false claims. The primary reason opponents say that ID is not science is because it doesn’t make falsifiable claims. But if it doesn’t make falsifiable claims, then it can’t be said to have made claims that have been found false. Yet this is exactly what they charge. Opponents of ID have done logical contortions of extraordinary dexterity to get out of this dilemma, but they only seem to land themselves in further contradiction. This contradictory attack on ID Read More ›

ENV Welcomes New Contributor Martin Cothran

We’re pleased at ENV to welcome new contributor Martin Cothran to our team. Martin brings an educator’s fresh perspective to our blog, as you can read for yourself. Martin is a writer and educator who lives in Kentucky. He is the author of several logic and classical rhetoric textbooks, and is the editor of The Classical Teacher magazine. He is a frequent guest on radio and television on issues of public policy, and has spent over 15 years dealing with educational policy questions at the state level.

New Website Responds to PBS/NOVA’s Judgment Day

We’ve just launched a new website,, responding to the online materials for PBS/NOVA’s Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. features 14 slides of “Darwin’s Failed Predictions,” recounting the failures of Darwinism left unmentioned by PBS/NOVA. I’ve included the first installment of the series (the introductory slide) below — but stay tuned for all 14 slides to be posted over the next couple weeks here on Evolution News & Views:

Help Support Academic Freedom by Supporting Discovery Institute

Two years ago this month, defenders of Darwinian evolution gleefully pronounced the death of the scientific theory of intelligent design because of a court ruling by an activist federal judge in Pennsylvania. But if Darwinists truly think intelligent design is dead, why are they continuing to spend so much time trying to kill it? As a regular Evolution News & Views visitor, you have been continually informed of the ways in which leading Darwinists have unleashed an unprecedented wave of persecution, propaganda, and paranoia in an effort to strangle an idea that they insist is already dead. Fortunately, America still thrives on the free exchange of ideas–despite Darwinists’ best efforts to stifle open discussion. That’s why the Center for Science Read More ›

Dr. Don McDonald’s Persecution Story Submission for Expelled

The producers of Expelled are hosting a contest where people submit videos discussing their persecution as a result of challenging Darwin. One of these entries has already been posted on YouTube–the story of Don McDonald, who was forced to pledge allegiance to evolution while working on his sociology Ph.D., or he might not have been permitted to proceed onward with his dissertation. We blogged about his story back in April 2006. Now you can watch the Dr. McDonald’s submission for the Expelled contest on YouTube: