Casey Luskin

Minnich vs Harvey: “The witness is smarter than the lawyer”

In the end, very few of Mr. Harvey’s questions had any bearing on constitutional issues, apart from the fact that he helped Minnich further demonstrate that ID is based upon empirical evidence and does not try to answer religious questions.

Jonathan Witt

LA Times Lets Behe Be Himself

In today’s LA Times, Josh Getlin discusses biochemist Michael Behe’s testimony in the Dover trial: “Even some of Behe’s strongest critics believe he may have scored important points in his mid-October court appearance.”

Robert L. Crowther, II

The Unexamined Book Is Not Worth Reading

When asked if he had ever taken the time to fully read Of Pandas and People, the reference book on intelligent design available for students in the Dover library, Linker responded “no”–after all, he said, it was summer when he was asked to do so.