Seth Cooper

Taken to Task: California Academy of Science Mag Publishes Scott’s “Mea Culpa”

In the wake of a libel lawsuit, NCSE, Inc. Director Eugenie Scott has a published a letter retracting her prior false statements concerning California parent Larry Caldwell. The letter is published in California Wild, the magazine of the California Academy of Sciences—and the same magazine that published her earlier article containing her false assertions about Caldwell. (Available online, here.) Caldwell’s letter in response to Scott was also published in California Wild. John West has previously blogged about Scott’s defamatory article and attacks on Caldwell (here, here, and here). As Caldwell noted in a press release from last month: It’s a shame it took a lawsuit to get Scott, the author of the article, to retract some of the more outrageous Read More ›

Keith Pennock

Freeze Dried Protestors Fight for the Establishment…the Scientific Establishment

I would personally like to thank Washington Post reporter Peter Slevin for highlighting the deeply held convictions of the new branch campus of the Darwin-only lobby in Fairfax Virginia. Like the cause-heads of PCU this group of freeze dried protestors “led mostly by Vietnam-era protesters” who “came together in frustration after the November elections, have little political experience, apart from hoisting Kerry-Edwards signs.” Said Richard Lawrence, 63: ‘”We’re just a small group, maybe with a powerful idea. We don’t have a clue, but we’re not letting go.”‘

Robert L. Crowther, II

On The Strategy for Shutting Down Scientific Dissent

Discovery President Bruce Chapman has an essay –“A Darwinist’s Declension (Nude Descending a Staircase)”– with a delightful ending, that explains the hypocritical progression of argument employed to prevent questioning of Darwin’s theory.

Jonathan Witt

Eighty Years of Scopes Monkey Business

Eighty years ago Thursday the famous Scopes Monkey Trial ended in Dayton, Tennessee. Time for a quiz: History tells us that two great lawyers faced off. On the one side was (A) a progressive and a pacifist, an educated man who rejected the idea of a young earth and worried about efforts to peddle racism and eugenics in the South. On the other side was (B) a master orator who defended some flagrantly racist ideas long since discredited by science. Lawyer A sought a full and fair debate over the evidence. Lawyer B used a procedural tactic to shut down the debate so that only his position was heard. Surely Mr. A would be the darling of any contemporary liberal Read More ›

Bruce Chapman

NPR and the Darwinist Effort to Spin the Catholic Church

NPR and the Darwinist Effort to Spin the Catholic Church NPR had a story Sunday by Jason De Rose on the Catholic Church’s position on evolution. The story was unbalanced, but it did report accurately, as some news outlets did not, that when Cardinal McCarrick of Washington spoke at the National Press Club last week he essentially backed up Cardinal Schoenborn. A theologian at Catholic University does the same in the story. On the other hand,