Politicized Author Attacks Intelligent Design

Author Chris Mooney made a politicized attack in today’s Seattle Post Intelligencer that intelligent design bucks the scientific method. Mooney, who is speaking in Seattle about something he calls the “Republican War on Science,” appears to not understand intelligent design theory. Mooney was quoted saying to the reporter: “Your buddies there at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, for example (an organization that favors “intelligent design” over standard evolutionary science), are not arguing about evidence that can be tested,” Mooney said. “They are attacking the entire scientific method.” (Chris Mooney, quoted in Author says GOP is waging war on scientific inquiry, by Tom Paulson) The funny thing is that whenever I hear this objection made, very rarely does the challenger provide Read More ›

Design Scientist Allowed to Speak for Himself in Instance of Gross Journalistic Negligence

Darwinists are up in arms over the fact that The Guardian had the gall to do an interview with CSC senior fellow, biochemist Michael Behe and then publish it without letting Darwinists attack him. The MSM’s standard operating procedure is to interview a design theorist and then quote a whole slew of Darwinist “rebutting” him in the very same article. Darwinists are rightly upset that the rules were changed and they weren’t informed. By all means they should be kicking and screaming and writing nasty letters to The Guardian for this dispicable display of bias. Imagine letting a pro-design scientist speak for himself. What is the world coming to? On the other hand, you might write your own letter to Read More ›

The Berlinski Interview in Dallas Morning News

On Sunday, September 4, 2005, the print edition of the Dallas Morning News featured a prominent interview with the inimitable Dr. David Berlinski (who has a brand new book out by the way), noted science writer and CSC Senior Fellow. (For some odd reason, the interview was not posted to the online edition of the newspaper.) In the interview, Berlinski said that while he is is not a supporter of intelligent design theory, his “inclinations toward members of the design movement are nonetheless what the French call chaleureux. I wish them well. They are clearly on to something. I agree with their criticism of Darwin’s theories.”

Journalistic Integrity RIP? Two Op-Eds That Showcase the Decline in Good Opinion Writing

Sports columnist turned news analyst Lloyd Garver normally opines about the morality of the designated hitter in baseball but all too often unsuccessfully attempts to weigh in on weightier matters. Today CBSNews.com published a column that betrays Garver’s complete ignorance about anything to do with the debate over evolution. Garver claims that those “pushing” intelligent design don’t know what a theory is, and falls back on the tired old complaint that ID proponents think theory means conjecture. Lloyd, we don’t, check it out on the CSC website sometime.

The Darwinist Misinformation Train

A good friend of mine getting his teaching credential to teach public high school called me this weekend to converse about his professor’s response to a paper he wrote supporting the teaching of ID. Apparently his professor disapproved of teaching ID because he felt that ID was untestable science. The professor’s criticism went something like this: “My main problem with ID is that it purports to not identify the designer when everyone knows it’s really just God. Intelligent design thus shouldn’t be taught because it is essentially creation science repackaged. Thus, it’s just an untestable appeal to the supernatural. However, if I had to choose, I would actually prefer creation science to ID because at least creation scientists are up-front Read More ›