Darwin Lobbyists Urge Ban on “Dangerous” Words in State Science Standards

If you needed more evidence that the Darwin lobby wants to turn science education into little more than unquestioned propaganda, take a look at the outlandish new “study” evaluating state science standards published by two officials of the National Center for Science Education, the leading Darwin-only lobbying group. Published by a journal devoted to the one-sided teaching of evolution, the article by Louise Mead and Anton Mates condemns various states for filling their science standards with “dangerous” words and “creationist jargon.” Just what are these “dangerous” words that must be banned? “Assess,” “Analyze,” “Evaluate,” and “Critique.” No, I’m not kidding. Evolutionists typically claim that the evidence for modern Darwinism is “overwhelming.” But they act as if they know that the Read More ›