Peer-Reviewed Scientific Paper Cites Guillermo Gonzalez’s Galactic Habitable Zone as Evidence Earth is a Privileged Planet

In the previous post, I discussed a peer-reviewed scientific paper co-authored by engineer Dominic Halsmer titled “The Coherence of an Engineered World” in the journal International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics. The paper reviews the work of a number of leading ID proponents and concludes that from the macroscale of the universe, to the structure of our galaxy, to the microscopic features of life, nature shows evidence of design. Halsmer and his co-authors also look at various examples of cosmic fine-tuning, concluding that “[t]hese optimalities suggest the influence of a calculating intentionality or some kind of transcendent cosmic engineer.” One example given is the expansion rate of the universe: This expansion rate is very specific in that it Read More ›

Michael Shermer’s Fact-Free Attack on Expelled Exposes Intolerance of Darwinists towards Pro-Intelligent Design Scientists (Part 3)

[Note: For a more comprehensive defense of Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, please see: NCSE Exposed at] In Part 1 and Part 2 I discussed how Michael Shermer’s review of Expelled applies one-sided skepticism to anything that challenges Darwinism, withholding skepticism of claims made by pro-evolution sources. When claiming that Richard Sternberg faced no discrimination after sympathizing with Darwin-skeptics, but simply invented a “conspiracy,” Shermer failed to scrutinize the blatantly false and contradictory claims by Darwinists trying to cover up what really happened. In that case, Eugenie Scott made private concessions that Sternberg did not do anything mortally wrong in his handling of the publication of Stephen C. Meyer’s paper on intelligent design (ID), and spoke as Read More ›

Iowa Citizens for Science Stealthily Promotes Misinformation about Guillermo Gonzalez and Discovery Institute

On December 3, Discovery Institute helped organize a press conference at the Iowa State Capitol where we released evidence that Guillermo Gonzalez faced discrimination at ISU because he supports intelligent design as a science. Someone from the pro-Darwin activist group, Iowa Citizens for Science, attended that press conference and passed out a press release. Citizens were welcome to attend the press conference and we made no objections to this person attending and distributing his press release. Within a couple days, a press release appeared on the Iowa Citizens for Science (ICFS) website, asserting that “[Guillermo] Gonzalez and the DI have announced plans to sue Iowa State University.” But that statement was both untrue and impossible: Discovery Institute is not Dr. Read More ›

Hector Avalos Misrepresents Discovery Institute’s Position on Academic Freedom

In the Iowa State Daily Hector Avalos asserts that “the Discovery Institute seems to want it both ways. They want scientists whose work leads them to believe ID is scientific to have academic freedom, but they don’t want scientists whose research leads them to believe ID is not scientific to express their opinions.” No, that’s not our position at all. Critics of ID have every right to oppose intelligent design and express their opinions. If they want to publish articles, books, blogs, etc., or speak expressing dissent from intelligent design, they should absolutely have the right to do that. But no one has the right to create a hostile work environment for other faculty and abridge their academic freedom, regardless Read More ›

Cataloging Darwinist Denials and Flip-Flopping over the Role of Intelligent Design in ISU’s Tenuregate

The controversy over why Guillermo Gonzalez was denied tenure has resulted in much flip-flopping and denials from Darwinists at Iowa State University (ISU): John Hauptman, ISU Physicist: Now: The ISU Daily reports, “Hauptman said his tenure decision was ‘absolutely not’ based on Gonzalez’s research into intelligent design.” Then: Last June, Hauptman explicitly admitted that he voted against Gonzalez’s tenure because of intelligent design (ID): “I participated in the initial vote and voted no, based on this fundamental question: What is science? … It is purely a question of what is science and what is not, and a physics department is not obligated to support notions that do not even begin to meet scientific standards.” Eli Rosenberg, Chair of ISU’s Department Read More ›