“If Meyer taught us to read DNA, Wells teaches us to sing it.”

The Myth of Junk DNA is a well-written book that manages to accomplish two separate tasks: to silence the Darwinists who claimed that recent genomic discoveries supported their dystopic version of The Signature in the Cell; and to bring all of us up-to-date on the breath-taking mysteries being decoded from this ancient script.

Has Forbes.com Critic of The Myth of Junk DNA Read the Book?

Over at his Forbes.com blog, John Farrell has written a critique of Jonathan Wells’ new book The Myth of Junk DNA. The only problem is that many of the arguments Farrell critiques aren’t ones that Jonathan Wells makes in the book. Below is a comment I posted on Mr. Farrell’s blog in response: About two years ago when Stephen Meyer published Signature in the Cell, we saw that many early reviewers clearly hadn’t read the book. We even saw Francisco Ayala review Signature in the Cell by attacking arguments Meyer hadn’t made–including arguments about alleged imperfections in the genome. It seems that even this soon after the release of The Myth of Junk DNA we’re seeing a similar pattern from Read More ›