Segraves v. California: Anti-Dogmatism Policies Protect Teaching of Evolution, How about Questioning Evolution? (Updated)

In Segraves v. California, a California state court found it legal for a public school to teach evolution. Now, if only California’s anti-dogmatism policy would likewise protect teachers who inform students about scientific dissent from neo-Darwinian evolution. Update: For those who protest me discussing this case, I want to note that I would not have even known of this case were it not for the fact that the NCSE has been touting it and citing it for years on its Ten Major Court Cases about Evolution and Creationism page. 1. Summary Plaintiff Kelly Segraves, a parent of children in California public schools, challenged the California State Board of Education’s Science Framework that mandated the teaching of evolution.84 Segraves alleged that Read More ›

Peloza v. Capistrano Independent Unified School District: Evolution May Be Taught Even if it Conflicts With Religious Beliefs

Peloza v. Capistrano Independent Unified School District is a well-known case from the 9th Circuit in 1994 where a federal court of appeals found that it is legal to teach evolution even if a teacher feels it conflicts with his religious beliefs. While the court was correct to hold that it is perfectly legal to require that evolution be part of the curriculum, unfortunately they expressed no sympathy whatsoever for the millions of Americans who feel that teaching evolution is not religiously neutral. 1. Summary In Peloza v. Capistrano, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that a teacher can be ordered to teach evolution, even if the theory conflicts with his or her religious beliefs.93 John Peloza, a high Read More ›