Busting another Darwinist Myth: Have ID Proponents Invented Terms like “Microevolution” and “Macroevolution”?

In 2005 I busted the Darwinist myth that ID-proponents have invented terms like “Darwinist” or “Darwinism” by noting that, well, Darwinists themselves have long-used such terms to describe themselves and their viewpoints. Jonathan Wells also recently busted this same myth, and Anika Smith recently busted the myth that evolution is not “random.” In 2006, I also busted the myth that skeptics of neo-Darwinism don’t exist outside the United States. When engaging in debates, every once in a while I hear the claim that Darwin-critics also invented terms like “microevolution” or “macroevolution.” For example, Jonathan Wells reports, “In 2005, Darwinist Gary Hurd claimed that the distinction between microevolution and macroevolution was just a creationist fabrication. … Hurd wrote to the Kansas Read More ›