Eugenie Scott Makes False Claims About Peer-Reviewed Paper on MSNBC

Today CSC Director Dr. Stephen Meyer debated Dr. Eugenie Scott of the NCSE on MSNBC. Dr. Scott claimed that there have been no peer-reviewed science articles which support intelligent design. This claim has also been made by plaintiffs’ expert witnesses at the Dover trial. MSNBC host Dan Abrams had also been misled into believing this false claim. Meyer, who authored a peer-reviewed science article supporting intelligent design, made a clear rebuttal. Yet Scott persisted in saying that his article did not support intelligent design. Meyer should know — he wrote the article. Judge for yourself. Here is what Meyer’s article actually says: “An experience-based analysis of the causal powers of various explanatory hypotheses suggests purposive or intelligent design as a Read More ›

MSNBC Previews Coming ID Trial

I suspect we will see a slew of articles about the looming Dover ID trial, slated to start on Monday in federal court in Harrisburg, PA. MSNBC’s Alex Johnson has one of the best ID related news stories, Dover trial or otherwise. His definitions of the key terms, and his examination of the various issues involved are thorough and accurate. One of the better news reports related to ID.