Fenton Firm Tries (and Fails) to Sandbag Sen. John McCain and Discovery Institute

Cross-posted at Discovery Blog. Senator John McCain signing autographs after his speech on foreign policy at the Seattle Westin Hotel. “Defcon,” the Campaign to Defend the Constitution (such a high sounding name!), put out a press release and blog post this week that attempted to sandbag Sen. John McCain, criticizing him for speaking to a Seattle policy luncheon today where Discovery Institute was one of the “co-presenters”. Defcon scolded McCain for attending an event in which Discovery was involved and for thereby “lending credence (sic) to this organization”. Defcon called on McCain to cancel the speech. At the definitely un-cancelled event today I asked Sen. McCain if he had heard of Defcon. He hadn’t. Defcon is a creature of Fenton Read More ›