Darwinists Launch Cyber Attack Against Intelligent Design Website

A Colorado group is the target of malicious computer hackers in what appears to be a coordinated attempt to suppress information about an upcoming conference on Darwin and intelligent design in Colorado.
Earlier this month the Shepherd Project Ministries website was breached using a “brute force attack” to break the password. The hackers then deleted webpages containing information about an upcoming conference featuring Discovery Institute speakers Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and John West.
“No question whatsoever about they were targeting,” said Shepherd Project Executive Director Craig Smith. “That was brazen. We were a little stunned, to be perfectly honest. We had seen some hostile language about the conference, but honestly we just assumed it was cyber-flaming. We didn’t really expect or anticipate any kind of actual attack.”
The pages were quickly re-posted and security protocols fixed to prevent further mischief being done, but since then a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack crippled and even crashed the Shepherd Project website, preventing many from registering for the intelligent design conference. These attacks involve multiple people coordinated in an attempt to make a website unavailable, shutting down access to information in a form of modern-day book-burning.
These attacks reveal how even having a discussion about intelligent design is threatening to those who can’t countenance free speech on evolution.
In today’s ID the Future podcast interview, Craig Smith said, “It’s stunning to me how threatened they seem to be about the conversation that is taking place. It’s not a matter of, ‘I disagree with the content’ or ‘I disagree with the conclusion,’ it’s ‘I disagree that the conversation should be allowed.'”
That same sentiment was behind the recent canceling of the Darwin’s Dilemma by the California Science Center, and you can read it for yourself in the New York Times as Daniel Dennett’s recent letter blasted them for daring to be respectful to those who doubt evolution!
The Legacy of Darwin Intelligent Design Conference targeted by these hackers takes place this weekend at Douglas County Event Center in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Anika Smith