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Standards and Ethics

Evolution News & Science Today publishes work by scientists associated with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture as well as independent scholars and writers. Scientists may comment on developments in their own field, but, as appropriate, may also wish to comment on other fields in an interdisciplinary spirit. All published writing is expected to meet high standards of factual accuracy, balance, fairness, clarity, and timeliness. Editors are responsible for ensuring that articles maintain these standards.

Credit is given to authors by name, although some articles are published under a generic staff byline. Writers are expected to offer their own original work or give appropriate credit under fair use law. Credit for images is similarly given. Readers should submit questions and comments through the Contact form. Any requests for corrections should be submitted there as well, to be evaluated by CSC scientists and staff. Substantive factual errors, once corrected, will be recognized prominently in the article.


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