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David Limbaugh Blogs the Controversy, Correctly

The Darwin versus design debate has taken center stage on the blogosphere these past couple weeks. Old Media’s dissemination of disinformation has been particularly brutal to intelligent design theory and its proponents, but the facts are now coming to light through the diligent work of bloggers. One lucid and cogent contribution to the discussion is provided by David Limbaugh. “Slamming Intelligent Design” is his recent blog post supporting intelligent design, as he takes Old Media to task for its coverage the current controversy surrounding neo-Darwinian evolution.

Limbaugh has the intellectual honesty and discipline to recognize the clear distinctions between intelligent design theory and creationism. (See John West’s Research News article for more on this.) Limbaugh rightly acknowledges the strong objections to the teaching of Biblical creation in public schools. Further, Limbaugh notes that all but one of the public school controversies on this issue have NOT been about whether or not students should be required to learn about intelligent design theory, but are instead concerned with “science-based doubts about evolution theory.”

A proponent of academic freedom and the marketplace of ideas (see his 2003 WorldNet Daily column, “Battling the Brainwashers”), Limbaugh’s closing paragraph excellently summarizes the current situation:

The Intelligent Design movement is interested in opening the debate and to letting science carry the day. But the popular culture and the education establishment, while holding themselves out as guardians of science, fact, and even reality, often refuse to allow any scientific objections to evolution to be discussed in the classroom. They are the real censors and opponents of science, all in the name of promoting science. You really should look into this scandal if you haven’t already, instead of just assuming the controversy is between superstitious anti-science Christians and enlightened, open-minded scientific academics.

Seth Cooper