2006 Was a Busy Year in the Darwin vs. Design Evolution Debate

Over at ID The Future, Casey Luskin has a year-end interview with Access Research Network’s Dennis Wagner who has compiled a list of the top intelligent design stories of the past year. His list spans the globe and includes such highlights as:

  • 60% of U.S. Medical Doctors Doubt Macroevolutionary Theory
  • Fly Eye Important Blueprint for Creating Better Video Systems
  • Europeans Question the Value of Teaching Macroevolution
  • Over 600 Scientists Express Skepticism of Darwinian Evolution
  • Scientists Conduct New Research Using Intelligent Design Theory.

Click here to listen.

ARN also has a nice list of ID related resources if you’re looking for belated Christmas gifts for the ID science buff on your list, and a comprehensive year end report.
Recently, CSC senior fellow John West discussed some of this year’s ID related highlights in two podcasts for ID The Future. Click here to listen to the first part, and click here to listen to part two.
Next year Discovery’s CSC Society will begin hosting regular conferences around the country, Darwin vs. Design, that will feature CSC scientists and scholars and educate participants in the most current scientific and policy developments in the debate over evolution. As exciting as 2006 was, 2007 promises to be even better.