Scientists who support intelligent design

Anika Smith

One of the more frequent questions people ask about intelligent design is whether any scientists actually support ID theory. There are many notable biologists, biochemists, physicists, and astronomers who support intelligent design, and their work continues to develop the young scientific theory. Here are just a few of them:

  • Michael Behe has developed the argument for design from biochemistry and has published over 35 articles in refereed biochemical journals.
  • Ralph Seelke is a microbiologist at University of Wisconsin, Superior, who has researched Dr. Behe’s ideas in the laboratory, using mutant bacteria. Dr. Seelke explained how his lab work focuses on what evolution really can do in this intriguing podcast last year.
  • Scott Minnich is a microbiologist at University of Idaho who credits the design paradigm to leading to new insights in his lab research.
  • Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig is a German geneticist who suggests that ID provides fruitful hints for giraffe research.
    The argument for design isn’t limited to biology and biochemistry; astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez has opened a new frontier for the ID paradigm with his arguments from cosmology. Dr. Gonzalez is a world-renowned astrobiologist and assistant professor of astronomy at Iowa State University. He has written nearly 70 refereed papers and is the co-discoverer of the Galactic Habitable Zone, which led to a cover story he co-authored in Scientific American and feature stories on Dr. Gonzalez in Science and Nature.
    These eminent scientists and scholars see merit in intelligent design theory. As they lead the way to scientific discovery, let’s hope their work is unimpeded by politically motivated science-stoppers.

  • Anika Smith