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Darwin or Design Interviews Comprehensive and Informative

There’s a new resource for those wanting to learn more about the ID debate. Jason Rennie, an Australian podcaster, has a series of 25 podcasts, called “Darwin or Design?

Rennie has compiled 25 interviews with prominent thinkers on both sides of the ID debate into a sort of “audiobook” which gives the listener a chance to hear each individual in their own words (and voice!). Interviews include Mike Behe on irreducible complexity, Guillermo Gonzalez on The Privileged Planet, Joey Campana on ID research, and Denyse O’Leary on ID and the media. On the critics’ side, evolutionists like Sean Carroll and PZ Myers gave their two cents.

Rennie is upfront about his own friendliness to ID, but he avoids pushing any agenda onto his subjects and lets them each have their own say… which quickly becomes very interesting. While the basic ID and Darwinist arguments are great to hear in this unfiltered format, the extended conversations on ID and the law and ID in the media will enrich the understanding of those who want to dig a little deeper.