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“Dazzling, Insightful” Metamorphosis Companion Book Takes Flight

Andrew McDiarmid

Metamorphosis bookDiscovery Institute Press is excited to announce the launch of Metamorphosis: The Case for Intelligent Design in a Chrysalis, a free digital companion book to the gorgeous new film Metamorphosis from Illustra Media.
The book picks up where the film leaves off, with in-depth scientific essays exploring the riddle of butterfly metamorphosis including from contributors Dr. Ann Gauger of the Biologic Institute and Dr. Paul Nelson of Biola University.
Metamorphosis is dazzling, insightful, and thought-provoking,” writes best-selling novelist Dean Koontz, who introduces the companion book. “This film affirms [the] intention, meaning, and intricacy that confounds all theories portraying nature as a consequence of dumb forces.”
Other essays explore butterfly mimicry and protective resemblance, the design theories of Darwin contemporary Alfred Russel Wallace, Darwinian evolution’s attempts to explain the beauty of butterflies, and doubts about the power of natural selection from novelist and butterfly scholar Vladimir Nabokov. The companion also includes an interview with the film’s director and producer, Lad Allen.
Over twenty beautiful full-color images adorn the book, making it visually stunning as well as intellectually stimulating.
The digital book is available as a free download at