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Metamorphosis Debuts at Butterfly World, Florida

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Despite a tropical storm going on outside and the fact that butterflies hide in the rain, the Florida premiere of Metamorphosis at Butterfly World last night came off nicely. The crowd of about 175 seemed to be a mix of families, longtime supporters of Butterfly World, and possibly a couple of youth groups. There was applause at our Janine Dixon’s mere mention of the phrase “intelligent design” in her introduction, and vigorous applause when the film was over.
In the Q&A with Biologic Institute’s Ann Gauger and University of Florida entomologist Tom Emmel, one fellow stood up and said something like, “You all should be so proud of your work in this film and with your work in intelligent design,” to which there was more applause. Bottom line: South Floridians seem starved for ID!
The Q&A had a different flavor from what we’ve experienced at other showings of the film, since a lot of the attendees were customers of Butterfly World and actually raise their own butterflies. There were fewer questions about metamorphosis and more about migration. The audience seemed to know what they were talking about.
It was fun to watch the film in a place where the surroundings were in such perfect concert with the subject matter. There was a very positive energy in the place because everyone there seemed to be so passionate about butterflies. The staff were especially pleased. They all stayed late to watch the film and keep the gift shop open and we heard one staff woman exclaim, “I’m just so happy people love butterflies!”
One butterfly enthusiast in attendance was heard to say, “Take even the most hardened scientist to see the butterflies in Mexico, and they will be moved to tears.” Which sounds about right.

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