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In Washington, DC, Meyer and Metaxas Will Discuss “Why Are We Still Debating Darwin, and Why Does It Matter?”

Here’s an upcoming event that makes us wish we lived in Washington, DC, instead of Washington State. If we lived in the nation’s capital and its environs, or had been invited to fly there at company expense, we would certainly be attending the Socrates in the City event with Eric Metaxas and Stephen Meyer on March 15 at 6 pm. They will be discussing the question, “Why Are We Still Debating Darwin, and Why Does It Matter?”
Metaxas, NY Times bestselling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, came through the Discovery Institute offices recently and chatted with the staff. That is a funny guy — you can watch his recent keynote to the National Prayer Breakfast for yourself and see — but also a very smart, sensitive, searching intellect, a rare combination not least where the worlds of scholarship and spirituality overlap. Seeing him in a conversation with CSC’s own Stephen Meyer will be a fantastically interesting and entertaining event. It will take place at the University Club. Dr. Meyer joins past speakers for Socrates in the City (or SITC, which we just noticed shares the same initials as Dr. Meyer’s book Signature in the Cell) including Chuck Colson, Father Richard John Neuhaus, and British chief rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.
Seating is limited, so go ahead and register before all tickets are gone, at the Socrates in the City website.
The Metaxas/Meyer interaction will be preceded by an opportunity to schmooze with new friends. Our sources are very specific in indicating that it will be accompanied by “wine and brie.” Not Swiss, Stilton or Gorgonzola, but brie.
If you strongly favor a different flavor of cheese with your Chardonnay, we suppose you could bring some along with you. Guy shows up at a cocktail party with a half pound of extra sharp cheddar under his arm — that always makes for a sophisticated first impression.

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