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Stand Up to the Bullies, Emory University

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If you’ve ever wanted to do something that makes a real difference in the fight for academic freedom, here is your opportunity. We are gathering signatures on an electronic petition in support of Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and Darwin skeptic at Johns Hopkins University. Take a moment now and send a clear message to academic bullies that we will not tolerate their tactics of intimidation.
Go here now and sign! Tell your friends and email lists to do so as well!
Here’s the background. Emory invited Dr. Carson to deliver the university’s Commencement address and receive an honorary degree this coming Monday. But when Darwin advocates on campus got wind of it, they kicked up a protest, gathering nearly 500 signatures from professors and students, and published a letter in the student newspaper distorting Carson’s views on evolution and making him sound like a fool.
That’s some way to make a guest feel unwelcome and dishonored! We are calling on Emory University to promptly reaffirm Dr. Carson’s right, and that of any scientist or any thoughtful person at all, to hold a dissenting view on Darwinian theory without having to face rude and distorting attacks.
Please add your name and help get out the word! We’ll be delivering the petition directly to Emory University.
There’s much more at stake than Ben Carson’s right to academic freedom. As we have exhaustively documented at ENV, the scientific “consensus” for Darwin and against intelligent design is maintained in the world of Big Science by a pervasive and poisonous culture of intimidation.
Ben Carson is a star. We’re not worried about his future career prospects. We are very worried about the message his ill treatment sends to younger, up-and-coming scholars and scientists. Dr. Carson may be bullet-proof but other workers in the scientific fields are extremely vulnerable to Darwinist bullying and intimidation.
See our further coverage here.
If you help us convince Emory University to do the right thing and reconfirm its commitment to academic freedom, that’s a victory for all the scientists whose names you may never have heard, who hold skeptical views on evolution but are afraid to speak openly.
Every signature makes a difference. Make your voice heard now!

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