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No, That Bill in Pennsylvania Would Not "Spur Creationism Discussion"

Joshua Youngkin

Yesterday, the Huffington Post published a story titled as follows:

Pennsylvania Rep. Steve Bloom Seeks Cosponsors For Bill That Spurs Creationism Discussion

Yes, Rep. Bloom is seeking cosponsors for a bill. But, no, this bill would not “spu[r] creationism discussion.”
Today, Mediatrackers published a story titled as follows:

Pennsylvania Leftists Attack Legislation Promoting Scientific Inquiry

Yes, Rep. Bloom’s bill would promote scientific inquiry. That’s what the bill says.
See for yourself:
Not only does the bill say ‘yes’ to scientific inquiry, it says ‘no’ to creationism and all other forms of religious instruction. Check it out:
Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.30.16 AM.png
Here is the rest of the bill.
Editors: Don’t go with the first story title that pops into your head. Read the bill. Talk to the bill sponsor. Take a day to think about it. Take a course in close reading. Whatever. Just get the title right. It’s the first and sometimes only line that readers read.

Joshua Youngkin

An attorney, and previously, Discovery Institute Program Officer in Public Policy and Legal Affairs.