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Creationists, Theistic Evolutionists and Atheist Evolutionists Have This in Common

David Klinghoffer

For all their vast differences, creationists, theistic evolutionists and atheist evolutionists have this in common: When advocates of the theory of intelligent design talk to them about the science underlying the Darwin debate, we are likely as not to get back a response rooted in theology.*

Theistic evolutionist Ard Louis is true to form, then, in this respect. The Oxford University physicist debated Stephen Meyer on the question "Where do complex biological systems come from?" last year in Wisla, Poland, for the European Leaders’ Forum. We posted Meyer’s initial statement in the debate a couple of days ago. As always, Steve Meyer’s argument, whether you think he’s right or wrong, is about science. A relevant response needs also to be about science.

However, Dr. Louis’s reply, which we’re pleased to post today, is devoted overwhelmingly to theology. He focuses especially on the question of what makes the best apologetic strategy. That’s interesting but not really germane to the topic under discussion. He seems a very thoughtful and earnest person, and deserves all honors for going up against Meyer in a public forum. But if I had been there, I would have asked: Why are you talking so much about God and the Bible?

We’ll post Louis’s moderated discussion with Steve Meyer a little later.

*Of course, when it comes to evolution, atheists have their theology, which is basically: "God, if he existed, wouldn’t do it this way. If I were God, I wouldn’t."

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