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War on Humans: Yes, It’s Right to Kill Monkeys to Find Ebola Vaccine

Wesley J. Smith


Monkey experiments have determined that a proposed Ebola vaccine may be safe, leading to early human trials. From the New York Times story:

The government plans to fast-track development of a vaccine shown to protect macaque monkeys, aiming to test it in humans as early as next month.

Generally, here’s how the experiment was conducted:

  • Groups of monkeys were vaccinated, while others were not.
  • The monkeys were then infected.
  • The unvaccinated monkeys died from Ebola.
  • The vaccinated monkeys didn’t. And the vaccine did not harm the monkeys.

Animal-rights activists would prevent us from making this good use of monkeys. But that is anti-human. Unless scientists conduct such monkey experiments, human studies cannot go forward. In short, a vaccine would never be found.

It comes down to this: Sacrifice monkeys in the hope of saving people? Or spare the monkeys regardless of the consequences to people? The latter choice is part of the war on humans.

Image: Ebola virus virion/Wikipedia.

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