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Helping Us to Launch ID Inquiry, Michael Behe Explains Irreducible Complexity

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On a new episode of our popular podcast ID the Future, hear the first edition of a new segment of the program, ID Inquiry, in which ID scientists and scholars answer your questions about intelligent design and evolution. Ask your question by sending an email to to the editor of Evolution News & Views. And tune in to this first episode as biochemist Michael Behe talks with Sarah Chaffee and explains the concept of irreducible complexity and what it means for Darwinian evolution.

We get a lot of new readers and listeners to Evolution News & Views and ID The Future. And they have a lot of questions. Our longtime readers and listeners also have questions. That’s why we decided to launch ID Inquiry. You can submit questions you have about intelligent design and evolution and any aspect of the origins debate and we’ll find ID experts to answer them.


Again, it’s easy. All you have to do is send your questions to the editor of ENV by clicking here.

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