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In Houston and Dallas, Nearly a Thousand Meet Michael Behe and Preview Revolutionary

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This weekend, audiences in Houston and Dallas were treated to sneak peek screenings of the new ID documentary, Revolutionary: Michael Behe and The Mystery of Molecular Machines, ahead of the video’s official launch next week, on Tuesday, October 18.

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I got to attend the third of these three events, a screening at Denton Bible Church a few miles northwest of Dallas. The film focuses on the work of Michael Behe and other advocates of intelligent design. Behe was there for the Q&A afterwards and got a standing ovation. The auditorium was packed, despite competing with the presidential debate, and I’m told the screening earlier in the day, at the Covenant School in Dallas, was standing room only. There, Behe was joined for the Q&A by fellow biologist Ray Bohlin, likewise a Fellow of the Center for Science & Culture.

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At the Denton event Sunday evening, Behe was his usual winsome self, fielding substantive questions on everything from what kind of progress for ID he’s seen in the two decades since the publication of his book Darwin’s Black Box to more technical scientific questions about biological machines such as the Type-3 secretion needle.

As always, Behe did a fine job of making arcane scientific questions understandable, and even had the audience laughing with him at a few points.

The video’s official launch is just around the corner. Stay tuned.