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You’ve Come a Long Way, Behe

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When Michael Behe published Darwin’s Black Box twenty years ago, Darwinists replied that the book’s star icon of ID, the bacterial flagellar motor with its irreducibly complex design, would soon be explained along Darwinian lines as the product of unguided evolutionary processes. Give us a decade, they assured the public, two at max. We’ll have it all figured out by then.

Robert Crowther talked with Dr. Behe ten years ago in an ID the Future episode about efforts to debunk the flagellum as evidence of intelligent design. Amusingly, the Lehigh University biochemist mentions that it was his first podcast ever. You’ve come a long way, Behe. Now it’s ten years after that, and those efforts have thoroughly stalled out as fellow biologist and CSC Fellow Ray Bohlin makes clear in a new ID the Future podcast with Mike Behe, timed to the release of the new documentary on ID and molecular machines, Revolutionary.

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Remember Nick Matzke and his vaunted challenge? Ken Miller and his much-heralded critique? Those are in the yard waste bin of biology while the mystery of the flagellum — an enigma in every evolutionary framework except the one that recognizes design — remains. Revolutionary is on sale now! See the trailer here.

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