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Behe — The Makings of a Revolutionary

It’s a pleasing coincidence that in the new documentary Revolutionary we look back to the origins of Michael Behe’s insights on irreducible complexity, published twenty years ago in Darwin’s Black Box, just as we look forward to the results of the potentially historic Royal Society meeting in London, underway at this moment.

No one scheduled to speak there is an advocate of intelligent design, but the scientific critique of Darwinism that Dr. Behe was crucial in launching has that meeting, at least in part, as its fruit.

Would such a conference, raising basic questions about the adequacy of neo-Darwinism, be happening now if it weren’t for Behe, and before him Denton and Johnson? There’s reason to wonder.

In a new brief video, above, Behe discusses the roots of his thinking, including a Science article that warned professors to warn their students against Phil Johnson’s book Darwin on Trial, prompting a stinging missive from Behe that Science published in a subsequent issue.

Stephen Meyer and Paul Nelson recall their responses to meeting and working with Behe back in the early Nineties, as the revolution was just getting under way. Not that long ago, but how things have changed! Get your copy of Revolutionary, on DVD or Blu-ray, today.

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David Klinghoffer

Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News
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