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Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design Offer the Opportunity to Join the World of ID Scholarship

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You can spend hours reading about intelligent design, its arguments and evidence, but there’s no substitute for personal interactions with the top scholars in the field. That’s especially true for rising scientists and scholars interested in advancing ID-related research themselves.

That’s why each year the Center for Science & Culture offers the Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design. Intended primarily for college undergraduates (juniors and seniors) and graduate students, the Summer Seminars offer the opportunity to learn from the stars of the ID community — like Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Ann Gauger, Richard Sternberg, John West, Paul Nelson, Robert Marks, Scott Minnich, Jay Richards, and more.

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The next Seminar will take place in Seattle from July 7 to 15. It is an invaluable chance to take a first step in what might be the beginning of a career in advanced ID research. We’ve seen many of our graduates go on to just such promising futures. You’ll be hearing from them in due course.

More information is here. The Seminar comprises two tracks, the CSC Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences, and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society.

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Last year we had fifty participants, our biggest group yet, and diverse in every way. But applying is highly selective. In past years we’ve had students from Berkeley, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, Ohio State, New York University, the University of Washington — and around the world: Ghana, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica, Australia, Canada, Norway, China, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

There really is no deeper way to explore the science of ID or its relevance to the humanities. See here for reviews from our past students. The deadline is April 4. Questions? Reach us at

We cover room and board, with travel scholarships available based on need.

If you’re not a student, we also hold open a small number of spots for professionals, professors and scientists, clergy, and teachers. If you know someone who might be interested and qualified, please spread the word.

And support this important work — which may in fact be the single most important thing we do at Discovery Institute’s CSC.

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The battle of ideas over the origins of life and the universe won’t be won tomorrow. We are in it for the long haul, and the students who join us each summer will be at the forefront of this crucial intellectual struggle in the generation to come.

It doesn’t happen for free. Please join us in the work of mentoring young people who will play a vital role in the future of our culture. Give generously now, whatever you can, to keep the Summer Seminars going strong!