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No Fooling: Don’t Delay — Three Days Left to Apply for Summer Seminars

Jay Richards

What do these names have in common? Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Ann Gauger, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, Jay Richards, Richard Sternberg, Paul Nelson, John West. Yes, they are just some of the outstanding scholars who will serve as faculty for our 2017 Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design.

Why not learn from the best? Upper-division undergraduates and graduate students in the sciences and humanities are invited to apply. Spend nine days in Seattle, July 7 to 15, examining the science behind ID and the cultural stakes in the evolution debate.

But it’s no April Fools’ Day lark when we say time is running out to apply. The deadline is Tuesday, April 4.

From a 2016 graduate:

This seminar made me realize that research from an ID perspective is possible, and in fact, scientists are doing it without even realizing it. I feel this seminar provided me with invaluable information about how to go about pursuing a career in a research field without committing career suicide, and even provided me with ideas of what field I may go into after my undergraduate studies.

Exactly! The Summer Seminars are intended as the first step on the road to a career in scholarship considering the evidence for design in nature and the cosmos, and the implications of that evidence.

Go here for information about the program and our scholarships, and a non-onerous online application. 

Photo: Jay Richards, by Janine Solfelt.