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Intelligent Design in…Marriage, U.S. History, and More: Michael Medved, Diane Medved, Jay Nordlinger in Seattle, June 21

David Klinghoffer

Michael Medved

The theme of our friend Michael Medved new book, The American Miracle, is what he refers to as “intelligent design” in American history. Interesting phrase. I asked Michael if he sees a parallel between his book and Don’t Divorce, another hot new book, this one by Michael’s wife, psychologist Dr. Diane Medved. His insightful answer was immediate, as I knew it would be.

Very often, he said, there is an uncanny sense of “design” to successful marriages. The natural way of things isn’t enough to explain them. It’s as if some source of outside intelligent agency set events up to fall in place just so. Now why do these ideas ring a bell for us around here?

The Medveds will be talking about all this and more in what I know will be a brilliant conversation with National Review senior editor Jay Nordlinger, another source of uncanny insights. Discovery Institute will sponsor the event in conjunction with National Review Institute, at Seattle’s Town Hall this Wednesday at 5 pm. An excerpt from Dr. Medved’s excellent book, an antidote to the Divorce Industry, is up now at National Review Online.

Please join us for a very entertaining evening! Because space is limited, we encourage you to pre-register now. More information is here.

Update: Dr. Medved has a great conversation today with NRO‘s Kathryn Jean Lopez on “Resisting the Divorce Momentum” here.

Photo: Michael and Diane Medved.