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Canada’s Suicide Regime and America’s Future

David Klinghoffer


Canada in relationship to the United States is like an image reflected in a strange and troubling mirror. It shows what could be if the U.S. chooses to follow some regrettable trends in law and ethics. Example? On a new ID the Future podcast, Wesley Smith talks with host Dean Abbott about Canada’s “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD). Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Wesley publicized a photo, sent to him by a reader, of an advertisement promoting MaiD. The ad was displayed in a Canadian hospital. The photo went viral, understandably. Imagine pushing death on scared, vulnerable patients!

Wesley points out that the suicide regime north of the border is sicker than you may realize. Physician-assisted self-killing is bad enough. In Canada, doctors themselves administer the lethal shot, in what amounts to medical homicide. In Ontario, the law is bent on pushing pro-life and other resisting health care providers out the professions of medicine and nursing. 

Wesley observes that the U.S. and Canada are so close that if one historic battle, the Battle of Quebec in 1775, had gone differently, today the two countries might well be one. These are sobering thoughts about a future that U.S. citizens should not be complacent about resisting.

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