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ID Inquiry: What About Antibiotic Resistance?

David Klinghoffer

It’s a perennial challenge to ID proponents. As an Evolution News reader wrote in to ask: “How does intelligent design explain the fact that the development of resistance to antibiotics [in certain bacteria] appears to demonstrate conclusively that evolution is a fact?” How does ID explain the “fact” that evolution is a “fact”? Well, as I mentioned here the other day, ID is itself a theory of evolution, in competition with the alternative Darwinian theory. Or as biologist Ann Gauger told ID the Future host Rob Crowther in a classic episode, “It depends on what you mean by evolution.” Download the podcast or listen to it here.

“ID Inquiry” is an occasional feature at ID the Future. Want to pose a challenge or ask a question of your own to a Discovery Institute scientist? Write to us here.

Photo credit: Dr Graham Beards at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.