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Take Off Your Mask at a Private ID Activist Meeting


Nothing could be more vital than understanding how life arose. Yet, on that question, the culture feeds us a massive untruth, and seeks to intimidate dissenters. Many are deceived, but others are not. 

The new Science Uprising series uses the image of a mask. “We are not materialists,” say scientists and other citizens, as they remove their Anonymous-style masks at the end of each episode. The meaning is that many of us stay anonymous about our conviction that toxic materialism and its theories on origins are exhausted and bankrupt. After all, we’ve seen what happens in the science world when people incautiously share ideas in favor of intelligent design. We know the rest of the culture can be equally intolerant.

To Transform the Culture

Once you’ve taken off your own mask, at least privately, carefully, what can you do next? Lots of people have wondered. And they’ve asked us. To train activists and deepen their appreciation of the scientific issues, the Center for Science & Culture offers our yearly Intelligent Design Action Network Meeting. The third such meeting will be held in Seattle, this coming October 18-19, a Friday evening and full day Saturday.

You might be a scientist, or a physician, an educator, a student, a leader in your church, or simply a thoughtful layperson who has followed the crisis in origins science and wants to do something about it. It’s a great opportunity if you want to get busy transforming the culture.

A Private Meeting, Not a Lecture

More information, including a simple online application, is here. The extra-early-bird registration fee is $100. That includes presentations by mathematician David Berlinski (by Zoom from Paris), biologist Michael Denton, and political scientist John West. You’ll learn about the science and philosophy behind “evolving” ideas on human nature, about the remarkable design of the universe for human life, and about the state of the origins debate. Meet other activists and learn how you can make a difference through your own writing, on social media, and through personal interactions.

We’ll give you a free pre-release copy of David Berlinski’s new book, Human Nature, along with meals and other conference materials. There will be breakout meetings for professionals, and time for socializing with new friends. Please be aware, this is a private meeting, not a lecture. So space is quite limited. Join us and harness your own commitment to the best science in service of the best future for our culture!

Image: A masked evolution skeptic in a scene from Science Uprising.