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Barnyard Biology Is a Hit in Idaho

Photo credit: Nathan Jacobson.

Eastern Washington boasts wild land and down-to-earth people. Barely over the border in similarly beautiful Idaho, and down a labyrinth of chassis-rattling country roads near Genesee, is one of the most intriguing venues in America, the Barn at the Mader Farm. Last Saturday evening the Mader family was host to a gathering of 250 eager visitors who came from miles around to hear Stephen Meyer, author of Return of the God Hypothesis. Steve was interviewed by Discovery Institute Fellow and former Gonzaga University law professor David DeWolf.

Country people obviously know something about biology, and to run a wheatland farm these days also requires executive skills. So the well-informed and inquisitive crowd demonstrated anew why Discovery Fellows need to “get out” more. A think tank is a city enterprise, after all, but some of our most appreciative audiences are spread across the landscape. In the Pacific Northwest that landscape is an especially inspiring setting for the scientific account of nature’s design that Steve Meyer and his colleagues are bringing forth.

Editor’s note: All photos courtesy of Nathan Jacobson.