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Watch: “Cosmic Mind, Divine Action, and Design-Engaged Theology”

Photo: Wildflowers, by NASA/Frank Michaux.

Yesterday, Evolution News published philosopher of science Stephen Meyer’s Afterword to the book The Creation of Self, by philosopher and theologian Joshua Farris. I wanted to add that Dr. Farris has made available lectures from the recent conference he organized, “Cosmic Mind, Divine Action, and Design-Engaged Theology.” See here for Resources | Design Theology.

According to Farris, “The event examined intelligent design and its implications for science-engaged theology. Collectively, it made the case for a God who cares — and for what that means for us as humans seeking to join God’s redemptive mission in crucial areas of human thinking, responsibility, and life.” 

Featured speakers included Discovery Institute’s Dr. Meyer, Biola University philosopher J. P. Moreland, and Stony Brook University neurosurgeon Michael Egnor. Meyer directs the Center for Science and Culture (CSC), J. P. Moreland is a CSC Fellow, and Michael Egnor is a Senior Fellow of Discovery Institute’s Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence.  

In the first plenary, Meyer argued for the existence of an intelligent and transcendent God who also acted in the course of cosmic history. Farris argued that the best explanation for the existence of the human soul is that God created each one individually. In the second part of the conference, Egnor, Moreland, and Charles Taliaferro explored the implications of this perspective for key areas of life and research. 

The lectures, again, are available at Resources | Design Theology. Questions can be directed to the conference organizer, Joshua Farris, at