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James Tour and Lee Cronin to Discuss Origin of Life at Harvard Roundtable

Photo: James Tour, via YouTube (screenshot).

Props to Professor Lee Cronin. In the wake of chemist James Tour’s 60-day challenge regarding ungrounded origin-of-life claims, the Cambridge Faculty Roundtable on Science and Religion will host a discussion on OOL. Dr. Cronin, a leading OOL researcher, has agreed to participate in the roundtable discussion with Dr. Tour in front of one hundred faculty members from Harvard and MIT. 

“Almost everyone in that room is going to be favoring the side of Lee Cronin, and that’s fine,” says Tour. “I said I don’t need a panel — I’ll just talk to them myself.”

Just so you know, this is an invitation-only event to be held on November 28 at Harvard. Wish you could be a fly on the wall? Good news. The conversation will be recorded and posted sometime after the event.