At Last, a Consensus on Consensus

Researchers have finally figured out why those of us in the public who are skeptics on scientific orthodoxies like Darwinism and human-induced global warming choose not to align our views with the scientific “consensus.” Science Daily reports: It is likely to depend on whether the position the scientist takes is consistent with the one believed by most people who share your cultural values. This was the finding of a recent study conducted by Yale University law professor Dan Kahan, University of Oklahoma political science professor Hank Jenkins-Smith and George Washington University law professor Donald Braman that sought to understand why members of the public are sharply and persistently divided on matters on which expert scientists largely agree. Isn’t that special?  So if you’re Read More ›

New Centre for Intelligent Design opens in UK

Intelligent design is gaining steam in Britain. According to a press release from The Centre for Intelligent Design: In recent years, the development of Intelligent Design theory has been associated with the USA, but now a Centre for Intelligent Design has opened in the UK. Intelligent Design (ID) theory argues that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by intelligent causation. As the scientific case for ID has become increasingly visible around the world, it deserves a voice in Britain. The Centre brings ID back to its roots, which are deeply embedded in the history of science in the UK and in Europe. Some of the best known pioneers of modern science did their work Read More ›

New TV Documentary Links Darwinian Theory with Poisonous “Social Darwinism”

In the debates sparked recently by the New Atheist writers, bashers and defenders of faith have been united at least on one point: Ideas have consequences. The consequences of a particularly controversial idea — Darwinian evolution, a pillar of atheism — will be the subject of a provocative new documentary on cable TV. What Hath Darwin Wrought? shows the relationship of the founding father of evolutionary theory to eugenic, racist, and even Nazi ideologies. Discovery Institute scholars John West, Richard Weikart, and David Berlinski provide the historical background in interviews with television personality Todd Friel.

Hawking Not Needed to Explain His New Book, Says Universe

Reached today for comment about Stephen Hawking’s new book, the Universe said that Professor Hawking should receive no credit for the ideas. “You humans naively assume that ‘physicists’ exist, who discover theories,” said the Universe. “But I did it all. Me. The transitory entity known to you as ‘Stephen Hawking’ is merely an epiphenomenon of the laws of nature, otherwise known as Me, the Universe itself. Mindless physical stuff, the only thing that ever really existed, or ever will exist.” “Hawking, and that other guy — what’s his face, Dawkins — have been stealing my royalties for years. I’ve got some lawyers working on that.” “Anyway, I don’t know why Hawking and Dawkins, or Harris and Dennett and the rest Read More ›

Seattle Turns Out for Signature in the Cell Book Release Party

CSC director, and author of the Signature in the Cell, Stephen C. Meyer spoke to a full house at the Seattle Art Museum’s Plestscheef Auditorium last night presenting compelling evidence for intelligence behind the origin of life. On a beautiful summer evening in downtown Seattle, an eager crowd of over 200 relaxed inside the museum’s state-of-the-art theater to hear Dr. Meyer explain the problem of “The DNA Enigma” — that is, where does the highly specified and complex information inside the cell come from? Read the full report here and see some pictures from the event.