Even Religious Skeptics Skeptical of the ACLU’s Dover Position

“There are people right now in Dover, Pennsylvania fighting to ban a completely harmless book called Of Pandas And People from public school science classes, against the express wishes of a majority of the parents…. You can put all the lipstick you want on this pig, with armwaving generalizations about ‘separation of church and state,’ but the pig won’t get any prettier.” Atheist Dean Esmay

ACTA Speaks Out On “Not So Intelligent Administrative Designs”

I just found this (you’ll have to scroll down to Oct. 22, the day it was posted) courageous defense of academic freedom and free and open scientific inquiry posted by the The American Council of Trustees and Alumni. It’s a blog post responding to the recent wave of viewpoint discrimination against ID in higher education. ACTA writes: Denunciations are not reasoned refutations. Administrative bans on intellectual inquiry do more to chill debate than to foster it, and do considerable damage not only to the ideas being banned, but also to those being protected from challenge or dispute. … Universities should be actively fostering debate about intelligent design, not seeking to shut down investigation of the idea entirely. And they should Read More ›

Caldwell Wins Round One In Suit Against School District

According to a press release issued by Caldwell yesterday: “a federal judge has ruled that California citizens have a Constitutional right under the First Amendment to put proposed evolution policies on the agenda of local school board meetings for public debate and potential adoption, and that school officials who refuse such a request are subject to potential civil rights remedies in federal court.”

It’s Called Bait and Switch

Good Morning America today aired a story by reporter Dan Harris about Discovery Institute and its role in the national debate over evolution. More than a month ago ABC News approached Discovery Institute with a request to sit down and interview CSC Director Stephen Meyer. We were hesitant based on previous run-ins with other ABC News crews, namely Nightline. They’ve done rather poor jobs on reporting about evolution and intelligent design in the recent past. So, we spoke at length with the producers about what sort of story they were doing and what their focus was and what Meyer’s role would be.