What Nightline Didn’t Show Viewers: The Unedited Nightline Interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer

Last night’s Nightline segment on intelligent design fulfilled the promise of its inane preview article. Rather than cover the substance of the intellectual debate over design, all Nightline could do was act as the mouthpiece for ID-bashers like Barbara Forrest. Nightline asserted that the debate over intelligent design is about politics and PR, but that is only because Nightline didn’t want to cover anything else. Nightline’s producers clearly had a predetermined agenda going into their story, and they stuck to it. We audiotaped Nightline’s interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer at Discovery Institute’s office, and we’ve prepared a verbatim transcript, available here. If you want learn what Nightline refused to show its viewers, I encourage you to read it. I think Read More ›

Nightline polls Darwinists and finds (surprise!) there IS no scientific debate over Darwinism

Nightline ran a story on intellingent design last night, and if the inane preview article is any indication, the segment was the sort of lopsided hatchet-job one used to expect from the folks at “60 Minutes”—but not nearly as intelligent. Nightline’s main point appears to be that there really isn’t any scientific controversy over Darwinism and intelligent design. How do they know this? They checked with several Darwinists, who told them so! That’s right. According to Nightline, because Darwinists happen to believe there is no scientific controversy over evolution, there really must be no controversy. Hmm. Nightline could apply this logic to a lot of other issues besides intelligent design: